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The Definition of a Bad Work Day

Have spent nearly an hour on hold with AAA and the DMV, after having realized that my car registration and insurance both expire this Friday, and I haven’t received any renewal information from either.

Shockingly enough — and I know you’ll be stunned to hear this — it turns out to be a mail-delivery problem. For whatever reason, the DMV has not changed my address from that which was valid two years ago — despite my having changed that address when I returned to California last August — and AAA has changed the “East” in my street address to “West,” despite having the correct modifier on my renters’ insurance policy. Both entities claim, furthermore, to have mailed out the renewal forms over a month ago, which leads me to question what black hole of mail they’ve fallen into, if I’ve gotten neither and neither has been returned.

And, of course, neither recovery will be satisfactorily effected via either phone or web. I have to bring evidence of my current odometer reading to AAA in order to qualify for a reduced rate on my insurance, and — horror of all horrors — I have to Go Into the DMV in order to get my renewed registration.

Oh, yes, and to change my address.


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