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For the first time in the nearly nine-year history of this blog, I have failed to post here for an entire calendar month. There will forever be a gap where February 2011 should be in the archives.

I wish I had a good reason for the failure to post. There’s been a fair bit of travel, yes, and a bit of general upheaval of a sort that I can’t really write about yet, and there’s been a fair bit of other writing that’s had to take precedence, but mostly there’s just been not-blogging. A failure to look at the world from the perspective that finds stuff worth blogging about.

I hope to do more of that in the coming weeks. It’s important to me that I get back to writing here, in no small part because of the role this space has played in the development of my work over the last nine years (a figure I clearly cannot get over), and because the record that’s preserved here of the things I was reading and the ideas I was developing was crucial to my forthcoming book.

The problem (one that Kevin is also wrestling with today) is that the diversification of means of sharing whatever random thought is going through my head at any given moment has led me to speedier ways of sharing those thoughts, many of which I intend to develop further here but — well, having gotten them out in speedier chunks, I no longer feel the same pressure toward development.

The bottom line, though, is that I miss it here: I miss the kinds of thinking that a commitment to writing here regularly produced, and I hate the gaps in the record that other forms of communication have produced here. So, back to blogging.

And let the February 2011 gap remind me of what happens when I stop.

Nothing, of course. Which no one will notice other than me. But which I will regret nonetheless.



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