The Future of Everything

I’m in the Boston area this week, speaking at a couple of conferences, the first of which is starting as I type — a meeting sponsored by AcademicCommons, a special interest group of NERCOMP (the Northeast Regional Computing Program), entitled “The Future of Everything.” We’ll be twittering at #acfoe, and posting links on delicious.

Later this week, I’ll be at the American Literature Association, hanging out with the Digital Americanists and talking about the future of peer review. Actually, that’s what I’m talking about here, too. It’ll be interesting to compare the responses…


  1. Hi Kathleen!
    I’m sure you’re crazy busy, but I’d love to see you if you’re in town. I live in Cambridge. Please let me know if you’re free. Hope your conferences go well.

    Take care,

  2. mmm…while I appreciate the focus of “NERCOMP” I’m thinking a new acronym might be in order: nercomp sounds like nerdcomp, or nerf comp, and etc. … or, more nefariously, like something out of Pynchon or that show “Fringe”… have fun in beantown, nevertheless! could you ever come to new york please?

  3. I was wondering how much that potential for acronym-slippage was intentional — I mean, it’s really begging for a noogie or something. But the conference was amazing, and all the folks there were great.

    And I hope to come to New York soon — September at the absolute latest, and I really hope sooner than that! Will definitely keep you posted.

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