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The Future of the Book

(Crossposted from ElectraPress.)

The protracted silence at the ElectraPress blog has no doubt produced an unfortunate dissipation of attention and energies, but I hope that those of you still poking around there will keep poking around, and that those of you with things to contribute will, in fact, contribute them. There are Big Things happening behind the scenes, Things that I can’t yet make public, but that will move this enterprise forward rather rapidly, rather soon.

Excuses and disclaimers out of the way, this post and some number of posts to follow will focus on current experiments in publishing (particularly, though not exclusively, academic publishing), and I hope that we might begin some discussions exploring what ElectraPress might learn from them.

First up, a couple of projects (and a project in development) from the Institute for the Future of the Book (see also the associated if:book blog) that are attempting to push the boundaries of the blog, rethinking the relationship between the kinds of intellectual work that gets done in blog posts and discussions and the kinds of work more traditionally made public in other venues, such as books and galleries:

Take a look at these projects — in what directions do they spur your imagination? How might the electronic press of the future make use of some of these innovations?


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