The Never-Appeared

I’m thinking that I’m going to start a new publishing project around here, based around a cluster of essays that I’ve written for various collections that have never actually gotten published — because the editor lost interest in the project, or because the publisher dropped the book, or because of some situation that was never really explained. I’ve got at least three of these essays, things that I really rather like but that don’t fall into the main pathway of my current work, and so things for which I’ve never been quite motivated enough to seek a new home.

Those never-appeared essays sort of rankle; they’re imperfect and sometimes out of date, but they should at least see the light of day. Perhaps when I’ve cleared the last few pending writing projects off my plate, I’ll go ahead and publish them.


  1. Well, I’m a big fan of that, obviously. But I wanted to note something that we’re doing here at the Univ of Virginia — specifically having a home in the institutional repository for these sorts of never-appeared works, because they ARE part of the scholarly record that needs to be preserved…”published” or not.

  2. Nice! I’m definitely at the point at which I don’t “need” the publications, at least not for any credentialing purposes, but it’s still important to me to get them into circulation. Getting that material archived/distributed through an institutional repository (srsly, though, we need a better name for those things) would make sure it becomes part of the scholarly record, if only in that grey literature kind of way.

  3. I tried to call ours “that big bucket of stuff that we have to save” but it didn’t get administrative buy-in. Go figure.

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