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Following up on the recent mini-rant on the decline and fall of the New York Times Book Review: Yankee Pot Roast has uncovered the editorial that didn’t quite make it to print:

Hey there, true-believers! Welcome to the New New York Times Book Review! Or, as we like to call it, NYTBR eXtreme! We’re reviewing books to the max!

That’s right, gone are the days of stodgy book reviews of boring, fancy-pants, highbrow “literature”, enjoyed only by snooty bespectacled professors with suede elbow patches on their corduroy jackets! No sir, not no more! This is NYTBR Max!

7 thoughts on “The New New York Times Book Review

  1. My name is Sorin Cerin,

    I am the author of the novel DESTINY , published February 2004 and I want to know what can I do to obtain an Editorial Review from NY Times Editorial Book Review?


    Sorin Cerin

  2. Yes, I read DESTINY its a brand new book, a soooooo Great book .Indeed Sorin Cerin its a great writer , {a giant is born}, an unforgettable book!

  3. I know this is going to come as a SHOCK to those of you out there in blogland, but those three comments above — all come from the same IP address! Can you believe it? Someone is actually using blog commenting for self-promotion.

    Never would have seen that coming.

  4. It is clearly ridiculous that the Times hasn’t already reviewed it!

    I just really hope that the book is as good as the comments. Or, put another way, I soooooo hope its a Great book .Indeed!

  5. Hello,

    I am the real Sorin Cerin ,writer, and somebody take my identity and sign with my name.

    I never wrote before on this page.

    It is clearly ridiculous ……

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