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The other thing is that moving makes it completely impossible to do anything else other than move. Because I can’t find any of the stuff that I need to do it with.

Posting’s likely to be a little light here for a while, given that (1) I’m so desperately behind in class preparations that every available moment here in the office needs to be spent on work, and (2) Verizon is so desperately behind on post-flood-and-mudslide repairs that my new phone service will not be connected until February 2, which gives me an optimistic date of February 14 before I’ve got working DSL at home.

Running’s also been thrown completely off-kilter by the move, both because for four days I could not find clean running clothes and because — and I only wish I were exaggerating — every muscle in my entire body hurts. My favorite one is the muscle which connects the second joint of my left middle finger with my palm. I’m very, very curious how that got such a workout.

Please, oh please, let me return to my regular schedule soon.

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