The Silence

I have days when I really wish this blog were anonymous, or that I had another anonymous blog in which I could write without the kind of self-censorship that comes with knowing that many of my students, colleagues, and friends are reading along. I’m having a bit of a rough time right now, but the roughness of the time is entirely internal, and personal, all about my thought processes and emotional baggage, stuff I’d love to be able to write my way through, but that I don’t really want to share with the world. At least not with that segment of the world that knows who I am.

And so… I’m left wondering what to write about instead. I get up every morning and look at the blog, and think… nothing. I’ve got nothing. Which is, as you might expect, part of the problem.

In sum: pretty much the standard why I haven’t been blogging and log-jam breaking post. With any luck, an actual return to writing, soon.

4 thoughts on “The Silence

  1. I’ve thought about it, but I’ve barely got the energy at times to keep up this blog, much less anything else. Plus, I’m quite convinced that I would — immediately after posting something potentially very embarassing or incriminating, were anyone to know who I was — make some goof either here or there that revealed my super-secret identity to all!

    I’ve always marveled at folks who can really and truly maintain something like anonymity or pseudonymity online, and even more at folks who maintain both nymous and pseudonymous presences on the web. I’m quite sure I’d mess it up in a matter of days.

  2. Same here, all around. Except that for me it’s not thought processes and emotional baggage but various peeves with various situations (or is a peeve an item of emotional luggage?). And given my recent (somewhat coerced) de-quasi-anonymization, I feel you all the more.

  3. There seem to be two quandries described in the blog entry. Perhaps they need to be decoupled. One is what to write for the blog. The other how to use writing to work through some self-exploration. Could a series of formal exercises by the solution to the what to blog question? E.g. minimum number of sentences on one of the primary colours (red, blue, yellow) for three days in succession? Or some such combination of entry length, theme or object, and cycle length (e.g. number of consecutive days, number of times per week). And could such a formalist approach be used in the more private writing/witnessing spaces for further self exploration. Variations on telling it slant.

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