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Certainly this is more for my benefit than for yours, but here’s what now remains before the sabbatical begins:

  • Seven teaching days.
  • Twelve class sessions.
  • Three sessions of office hours.
  • Four committee meetings.
  • Four meetings with a program administrator.
  • Two department dinners.
  • One set of Ph.D. orals.
  • One faculty forum.
  • One faculty meeting.
  • One graduate student conference.
  • One curriculum revision meetings.
  • Nine job candidate campus visits.
  • Twenty-five rough drafts of final new media projects.
  • Sixteen rough drafts of graduate term papers.
  • Sixteen final literary interpretation papers.
  • Twenty-five final new media projects.
  • Sixteen final graduate term papers.
  • One senior thesis draft.
  • Two final senior theses.

That, and a bunch of packing, in the next month. That is what stands between me and freedom. Looking at it like that makes it seem a miniscule barrier, one easily gotten over. But ask me again in a couple of weeks how I’m feeling about it…

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