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The Weather Project

All of a sudden, everybody’s reminding me of the best thing I saw in London on my second trip there this year (the Thanksgiving rendition): The Weather Project, an installation in the main entry salon (the Turbine Hall) of the Tate Modern.

It’s an astonishing sight — and for the eightieth time in the last year, I’m kicking myself for not having a digital camera, as the pictures that I took remain trapped on a half-finished roll of film. My favorite aspect of it — beyond the glow of the “sun,” beyond the mist, beyond the reflective “sky,” — was the active participation of the viewers, nearly a hundred of whom were sprawled on the ground in various sunbathing attitudes. Forget the snarkiness of the CT commenter, who finds the sun “washed out and artificial” and the involvement of the onlookers “creepy”; the installation is worth visiting, and lingering in.


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