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Okay, so no shock: it’s an HBO Sunday night drama, and I’m there. I have to say, though, The Wire started out a little rockily for me in the first season–so many characters, so many streetnames, so hard to keep everybody straight–but I nonetheless got completely sucked in by the middle of that season. Season two was odd: suddenly we’re leaving the guys we followed last time out to the side, and looking instead at the dock workers–and somehow, they managed to make it work. I still miss Frank Sobotka, who was perhaps the best good-guy-caught-up-in-bad-stuff television character I’ve ever seen. This season, the third, may be the best of them all, though. Watching Stringer Bell turn into the bank while Colvin tries to create “Hamsterdam” is just the most obvious set of examples of what makes the show so great: in no other cop show has the real ambiguity of the line between the good guys and the bad been so thoroughly explored.

That, and I see a major explosion coming between Stringer and Avon Barksdale. Should be interesting.



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