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The Work Ahead

Yesterday was the first day of classes around here, but today’s my first day of teaching. In preparation, I’ve done a major revamp of my teaching site, built a blog for one class and a wiki for the other, and am now just looking forward to getting the fun underway.

That’s the good news. The other good news is that I’m more up to speed with my administrative duties than I think I’ve ever been, not least because I have to be: this fall, I have a tenure review to conduct, a job search to chair, a national workshop to organize and produce, and a number of other assorted issues to contend with, and I’m feeling — for the moment at least — fairly well on top of them.

The bad news is that things in the rest of my work life have pretty much ceased to progress since I got home from Paris: I’ve got a book review due in a few days, and while I’ve made myself a really good and thorough outline, the review itself isn’t written; I’ve got a couple of presentations to give this fall, and while they’re coming from material I’ve already written, they’re still going to require some culling and organizing; and then there’s MediaCommons, which we’re hoping to relaunch soon, and that book, which I need to keep making progress on.

So things are likely to be a little less active around here for a bit than I’d like, and the gradual accretion of my twitterings, which demonstrates how little I’ve got to say even at the baseline threshold of 140 characters, is just becoming a bit embarrassing. So I’m going to turn that feed off for the time being, and at some point when those posts seem to have more to contribute, I might add them back in.

For now, onward. And happy fall!


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