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The Worm Turns, or Begins to Turn, or Begins to Think of Turning

Despite all the destruction and devastation around the globe, despite soaring inflation and security threats, it’s hard not to feel a little buzz of optimism in the air. After all, Arlen Specter returned Harriet Miers’s questionnaire responses as “inadequate,” the investigation into Plamegate is proceeding apace, and the Congressional agenda seems thrown into a tailspin by the indictment of Tom DeLay.

And now, there’s this. Here’s the first sentence; see if you can guess the publication:

It remains to be seen just how far George Bush is willing to go in exploiting the members of our uniformed services to compensate for his own lack of substance.

The answer, below the fold.

If you were thinking that it must be the work of some lefty peacenik outfit, a Daily Kos affiliated blogger, or even a surprisingly unrestrained opinion on a liberal media site, nope.


It’s one retired officer’s opinion, of course, but the retired officer is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. And the opinion is published where an important sector of this administration’s defenders might actually see it. And where those beginning to question might question further.

I might wish that the article did more actual analysis of that “lack of substance,” rather than veering off into the Hollywood fantasy, but today, I’m just happy it’s there at all.


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