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There'll Be a Load of Compromisin', on the Road to My Horizon

I cannot explain it.

Not only that, I cannot imagine a reasonable explanation.

But for the last twenty-four hours, I have been plagued by an endless loop of Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

Ordinarily, I can trace such an earworm to a recent retail experience, or to a television commercial, or to the too-loud stereo of a passing car. But I simply cannot conceive of a scenario in which I would have heard any piece of this song yesterday.

I have, at times, had earworms triggered by odd phrases that somehow mirror phrases in lyrics, that then result in the automatic replay of the song. In fact, I had an example of this that plagued me just last week, which I’m now afraid to think hard enough about even to remember its circumstances, lest I dredge it back up again.

As it is, I’ve got one surefire cure for the earworm — one mental chorus of “Lonesome Loser” always does the trick for me — but I haven’t deployed it yet, because I’m still hoping to trace this one back to its Patient Zero.

So, help me: is there any reason — an odd commercial, a movie soundtrack, an unforeseen return to the adult-contemporary playlists — that you can imagine my encountering this song?


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