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There's No Place Like Not Quite Home

I’ve only got a minute before dashing for this morning’s flight, which will finally get me within spitting distance of home. This delay was mostly planned-for, as my EWR to IAH flight got me in after the last flight for ONT had left. I’d even planned ahead so far as to make a hotel reservation. What wasn’t planned for was the complete collapse from exhaustion that I underwent somewhere between the insanity of the IAH baggage claim (where there were 10 working carousels, and no working monitors with information as to which carousel your bags might be on), the surreality of the underground inter-terminal tram at IAH (not the above-ground monorail, but an underground one that includes the airport hotel in its loop, and that reminds me too too much of an amusement park kiddy train), and the humiliation of falling halfway down an escalator because my too-big suitcase got caught on its edge.

I’ll admit: there were tears, though not until I was safely in my room.

But. A really solid night’s sleep, and I’m again on my way. More substantive writing, I promise, and the pictures I know you’re all dying to see, once I get home.


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