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There's Supposed to Be a Lull!

This is supposed to be a relatively slow week, the quiet before the storm: classes end tomorrow, and I won’t have any substantive grading to do until Friday, most likely. Pre-registration is done. Meetings are winding down. I’m supposed to have time to do things like, say, write on this here blog, which I’ve been ignoring dreadfully of late.

Instead, I’ve got an article for a conference proceedings that’s due tomorrow, which deadline I’m becoming increasingly unlikely to meet, and then I’m giving a talk at the Art Center in Pasadena on Friday, and I’ve got to get that ready. So there’s unlikely to be much from me here, unless I get caught up in posting bits of what I’m doing elsewhere. Witness the next post, which I’m separating from this one for no reason that I can articulate at the moment…


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