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Things Go Awry

Yesterday’s Day of Digital Humanities experience didn’t exactly turn out as I’d hoped, as I found myself utterly without connectivity all day. Not only does the SCMS conference venue not even have exorbitantly priced wi-fi available (which I was planning on forking over for and then complaining bitterly about), but the free wireless that drew me to the hotel I’m staying in was on the blink all day as well.

So no blogging, and a very little tweeting courtesy of super-spotty AT&T 3G access.

I’m also contending with a little bit of exhaustion, on both the professional and the physical levels. While it’s to some extent convenient that SCMS fell during spring break, I really, really needed that break, and I just haven’t gotten it. Instead, I got jumped by a mystery stomach ailment last Friday night, one that’s still got me in its grips. And so I’ve neither rested nor gotten done the piles of work that I’d hoped to put neatly away this week.

And things get hectic from here: next Thursday, I’m off to New Orleans to keynote the NITLE Summit; in April, I’m speaking at the CUNY Digital University conference; in May, I’ll be back in New York for an MLA Program Committee meeting, then back in California, and then back east for a digital humanities symposium at Dartmouth. Then DC for a couple of meetings, then Salt Lake City for the AAUP, then back in Claremont for the ADE, then London for DH2010, then Virginia for SCI. Then I check myself into a spa or something for two weeks. Really.

It’s all completely awesome, don’t get me wrong, and I wouldn’t give up any of it. I just need my stomach to behave, the internet to work, and everybody to understand if I’m running a little behind on things.


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