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Things I Really Ought to Get Done Today

— Finish the index, already, which is already four days overdue and still 80 pages from complete.
— Call the cable company to make sure we’ve got HBO in time for Sunday’s big events.
— Find a suitable business establishment through which I can have a few grooming services taken care of, and make an appointment therefor.
— Go to the post office to re-mail the box that was sent to my tenant, care of me, that the post office at home decided must really actually be for me, and so forwarded.
— Go to the grocery store, such that there are ingredients in the house with which to prepare some reasonable meals.
— Finish unpacking my suitcase, and put it away, luxuriating in the fact that I have no traveling to do for at least five weeks.
— Go exercise, so as to feel like less of a slug.

What am I actually likely to accomplish from this list today?

I might call the cable company. And I’ll make it some pages down the road on the index. But I’ll be surprised if anything actually gets crossed off today.



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