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This Is Scholarship

A colleague of mine recently sent me a link to the Summer 2008 issue of Kairos, guest edited by Scott Lloyd DeWitt and Cheryl Ball, entitled “The Manifesto Issue.” The manifesto as a form is near and dear to my heart, and particularly those that have to do with new media composition and publishing, so I was happy to dive in — but even more thrilled to discover a reference to MediaCommons in Catherine C. Braun and Kenneth L. Gilbert’s fantastic video, “This Is Scholarship,” which should be required viewing for every tenure and promotion committee. I haven’t read the entire issue yet, but it’s clearly filled with compelling pieces that do not simply make arguments on behalf of new digital modalities but that manage to enact those arguments in their form as well. This has long been the métier of Kairos, and in turning the journal’s attention explicitly to the manifesto, the editors have produced a most important kind of scholarship, both rigorous and experimental, clearing the way for others to follow.


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