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I had a positively spectacular work day on Tuesday, one of the first days in years on which I could say that I’d actually managed to accomplish way more than I’d expected. I hoped, of course, that this was the leading edge of a new wave of astonishing productivity, that I’d continue pressing forward at — thinking I was being reasonable — a rate perhaps slightly slower than that, and that I might have a hope of accomplishing at least half of what I set out to do this summer.

And then I woke up on Wednesday with a sore throat, which has today resolved into a fully clogged head. And productivity has all but ground to a standstill. Where I found myself ahead of the schedule by the end of the day Tuesday, I’m now well behind where I’d hoped to be by the end of Wednesday.

There’s not much to be done for it, I guess, except make some more tea, keep the kleenex handy, and try to think of the summer’s schedule as an exercise in non-attachment.

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