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Otherwise known as 6 am in Houston. Greetings, once again, from mid-red eye IAH. The flight out of ONT was relatively painless, due to an upgrade: got on the plane, downed a vodka and cranberry, and dozed off. The odd thing about plane sleep for me is that I feel like I’m awake the entire time, but I can’t have been — when I did open my eyes, the flight attendant was in mid-service, though I hadn’t heard her coming around before; when I opened my eyes again, the movie was nearly over. And yet the impossibility of getting truly comfortable and the constant low-grade bumpiness resulted in my feeling as though I were conscious the entire time.

But onward: coffee and wi-fi in the President’s Club, then on to the next flight. Then, I imagine, a slightly delirious attempt to negotiate the CTA, followed by an even more delirious attempt to find the hotel from the station. Followed by begging at the registration desk to be granted an early check-in, so that I can maybe get a shower and a nap before entering the conference fray.

The conference organizers promise full wi-fi penetration, so I’m hoping for a return to the energy of the Toronto conference, with much less of the whinging in evidence in Sussex. Wish me luck; AOIR 6.0 is up next.

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