Too Angry Not to Comment

Well, the Bush campaign has finally dug up somebody to call John Kerry’s military record into question. Apparently, as Scott notes, they’re now claiming that Kerry may not have actually “earned” the first of his three purple hearts.

In response, Kerry is releasing his Navy records to the public.

Why, oh why, do the Democrats always cave when faced with this kind of nonsense? Why don’t their campaign advisers ever realize that — and for god’s sake, in this situation more than in any other — there’s one and only one workable response to such bullsh*t accusations?

The response? “You want to see my military records? Fine. Everything on the table, complete and unabridged. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”


  1. The good news? At least Kerry’s records show high marks. But yeah, whatever happened to the whole Bush service issue? Is the media memory that short? Or are there just so many scandals they can cover in a 24-hour day?

  2. Pretty ridiculous, huh? But the good news is that Kerry came out smelling like roses.

    Daily Kos reports that the DNC is going to release a detailed comparison of Bush’s and Kerry’s military records, and I’d imagine that the media will jump all over it. Although perhaps that’s wishful thinking on my part…

    Kos has a handy breakdown here, for now. It’s very…enlightening.

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