4 thoughts on “Toronto is Definitely My Kinda Town

  1. Oubliez pas Montréal, vous-autres!

    I am physically ill. I’m sitting here trying to digest the fact that we have to endure four more years of this horror show.

  2. Yep. And even on three-hour tape delay, at that.

    My dish service had this pretty amazing interactive feature up last night, whereby I was able to watch six screens in one — CNN, CSPAN, FOX, MSNBC, MTV (???), and Comedy Central — and decide which audio feed came through by selecting one of the six. It was pretty cool, on the whole, but it just made clear what a sterile wasteland of sameness the proliferation of US media has produced. Really, couldn’t they have come up with one international feed? Even CNN International? Something that might actually look a teeny bit different?

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