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This is the first promptless morning I’ve spent in a month, and the freedom is almost a bit vertiginous. I sat here for an hour or so starting at the add-new-post window, wondering what on earth to write about.

And then I spent an hour or so cleaning up my browser bookmarks, and updating the favicons on my various websites, and checking them for spam, and updating software, and…

Today is apparently going to be an aimless day of goofing around on the computer and reading purely for fun. Not a bad way to start the year, on the whole.

I’ll attempt to regain directionality tomorrow. There’s a lot to be done — not least, getting ready for MLA. Somehow having the conference pushed until after New Year’s has fooled me into thinking that either it’s already happened or there’s nothing that needs to be done to get ready.

So more, with focus, soon. In the meantime, happy new year.


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