What I was tinkering with yesterday was Twitter Tools, a plugin for WordPress that connects your blog and your Twitter account, allowing you do a range of things like have your twitterings (I really can’t bring myself to use the word “tweets”) appear in your sidebar, notify Twitter when you post something to the blog, etc. What I’ve done is create a special category, “twitter,” which gathers my twitterings and posts them to the front page, but in a special format that sets them a bit apart. I’m going to let this run a while and see how I feel about it; if it’s too annoying, I may move to a daily digest posting.

Now to pretend to real productivity.

3 thoughts on “Twitterings

  1. Okay, that was weird. Wrote the post; published the post. Reloaded the front page, and there was the post. Went back to the dashboard, and suddenly my count had one fewer published post and one draft. This post had suddenly reverted to draft status, and the last few lines of it had disappeared. A problem with WP2.5? Did I accidentally click something with my new super-sensitive trackpad? Gremlins?

  2. I’d say don’t use that WP Twitter plugin unless you can disable it feeding into your main RSS feed – for folks who want to read your blog but not your twitters, there’s extra RSS traffic that might discourage readers. You should be able to feed your Twitters into an RSS box on the blog page, allowing readers to follow, but not get “fed” your twitters unless we want ’em.

  3. Hmmm. Good point — I should be able to shut off that category in the RSS feed. Probably not this morning, but I’ll look into it ASAP.

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