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Unplanned Absence

Sorry for the protracted radio silence; we’ve been in the home stretch of a search here, and I’ve been spending an astonishing amount of time going to job talks, conducting interviews, and generally glad-handing about. Then, in the interstices, there’s been that little teaching thing, and sometime late at night, occasionally, preparation for said teaching. So all my grand plans about regularity-in-posting were very quickly abandoned.

As of today, however, the search is complete, and I can get back to something approaching something like a regularly insane schedule. Expect more scintillating book-talk soon.

In the meantime, however, I’ll share with you this tidbit: yesterday in class, we wrapped up our discussion of Bruce Sterling’s Schismatrix (which is pronounced with a short /a/, instead of like a split-personality version of the Keanu Reeves movie, as Sterling rather pissily points out in the introduction to our edition), and I was very proud not to have to be the one to point out that the end state of the character Kitsune puts one a bit too much in mind of a giant vagina planet.


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