Thanks to all who have responded to my various technological pleas over the last few days. My hosting provider’s waning is producing massive unreliability — my site’s been down more than it’s been up over the last week — and so I’ve done the poking around among the providers you recommended, and have settled on DreamHost (thanks, Andrew; I’ve attempted to be sure that you get credit for the referral). They’re having a sale right now on their “Code Monster” package, which provides 1600 MB 2560 MB disk space, 40 GB 65 GB monthly bandwidth, hosting for up to 15 full domains and unlimited subdomains, and 75 shell accounts, for only $19.95 a month (which is half the usual price, and which price will remain in effect as long as I keep the plan). This is far more than I really need, but I have some plans in the offing that may necessitate expansion, so better too much than not enough. And the price is certainly right, and the ratings at webhostingratings.com are as well.

So, on tap, as soon as I finish my @$#*! grading, which I should have finished days ago, is a site migration and redesign.1 I’m going to do some experimenting with Textpattern and WordPress as well, to decide whether I want to stick it out with MT or head in another direction.

In short: expect major wonkiness hereabouts, until the changes get sorted out.

[UPDATE 5.29.04: I love these guys! I’ve been with them for two weeks, and already they’ve upgraded disk space and bandwidth on my plan (in fact, on all plans) by 60%! Plus, they’ve instituted a 20% discount for a 2-year prepayment, bringing the cost of this plan down to $15.95/month. I’m adding a link way down in the left sidebar; if you’re in need of a hosting service, and you open an account with them, I get lovely referral discounts…]

1Incidentally, anybody have any advice on the migration part? Any lessons I can learn from your migration experiences?


  1. And, in case you didn’t know, as I remember it, DreamHost was started by a couple Harvey Mudd people so things are all sort of in the family now.

    The make-over looks nice. I am impressed by your tech savvy. I don’t know how you manage to be an assistant, err, I mean, associate! professor and still get time to do something as potentially daunting as database migration. Glad you found a way around MT’s new plans for themselves…

    It looks like this new Expression Engine thing does some rather enthusiastic email obfuscation…I leave me email address with confidance! (I also leave it because it is required…)

  2. Cute [emoticon]

    “I’d imagine it would be pretty rare for somebody to scroll down this far. If you have, though, you’re no doubt wondering what this errant bit of text at the bottom of the screen is meant to do, since it clearly doesn’t hold any important content. Its main purpose is to create a paragraph that stretches the full width of this column, in order to keep the column from shrinking in to a point less than the width of your browser window. Because that’s ugly. And I’m frankly too lazy to figure out how to do it some more clever way. A project for the future, in any event.”

    The main section renders just fine in FireFox without any text at all, though I suppose your mileage may vary depending on the browser…

    It all renders surprisingly well all things considered.

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