Update from Paris

In no particular order:

— My sleep problems continue unabated. Last night, I slept fairly well from shortly after midnight until sometime around 4 am, and then was awake between 4 and 8 am (and actually out of bed and reading between 5 and 7 am), and then asleep again between 8 am and 9.45ish. I’m positively exhausted, and yet I know that come midnight tonight, I’m going to be all keyed up again.

— Aside from waiting on a few pieces of information from this year’s crop of graduating seniors, I’ve finished my program’s annual report. This means that all of the tasks that remained between me and my own work are essentially cleared out of the way.

— I’m doing some reading toward the new project today, and it’s in an area that I’ve spent a fair bit of time avoiding thus far in my career, not least because I found the material so difficult. I now find it utterly fascinating, but that hasn’t alleviated the difficulty. (Nor has my insomnia helped, for that matter.)

Further thoughts as the brain cells necessary to produce them regenerate.

One thought on “Update from Paris

  1. I really feel your pain. The jetlag that results from the LAX-Europe trip is brutal. Hopefully it will be gone in another day or two. Good luck with the work in the meantime. I hope to see you guys in a few weeks!

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