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Update Number One: The Condo

So, for my first update on old business: I’m entirely settled into the condo, though I’ve spent even less time there over the last week than I did before the movers showed up. Things are almost entirely unpacked, with the exception of my workspace (yes, I know, should have happened by now, but “work” has taken place entirely in the office of late, so there’s been no great pressure to get that done) and the huge pile of miscellaneous stuff that has accumulated in the spare bedroom. And the pictures: I’m waiting for R. to come see the joint so we can decide together where the pictures should be hung.

Those last details aside, I’m in. And I love the place. It’s more spacious than it seemed it would be during construction, and it’s mostly really quiet.

Mostly. The city yard, which is in the process of moving to another location, has a load of loud trucks that pass through around 5.30 every morning. Which is, needless to say, annoying. But which is blissfully temporary.

My only complaint at the moment, again, is how little I’ve gotten to be in the place. I’m having a housewarming party tomorrow, and then plan on hanging out at home as much as I can this weekend. But given that I’m still having phone-related difficulties, I’ll probably still have to spend a bunch of time in the office Saturday and Sunday, like it or not.

In the meantime, a bloggerly housewarming party: new pictures in the gallery.

And soon, another reason to raise a glass…


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