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Rumors are running rampant. No one seems to know what’s actually happening, and what’s just talk. But the chaos seems to be spreading outside New Orleans.

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Witness this, from a friend at LSU, a message broadcast to faculty, staff, and students:

Subject: Civil Unrest in Baton Rouge

There have been confirmed reports of civil unrest in the Baton Rouge area this morning. These incidents appear to be confined to specific areas in the downtown Baton Rouge area and specific locations around the community. At this time, local law enforcement are reported to have the situation contained. To insure safety, we have instructed that all buildings on campus be locked and we ask that occupants remain indoors. We are confident in the security procedures of LSU Public Safety and these actions will permit their timely response to any incidents that may occur on our campus.

This is a trying time for all of us in the affected areas and beyond. Our efforts now center on safety and recovery. We are primarily concerned with the safety and well being of the LSU community and we urge that safe choices be made. For those on campus who would feel more secure in their homes, we urge that you leave campus in an orderly fashion. Please be aware that these incidents of unrest in the community make travel an unknown risk at this time. Permitting time for the law enforcement personnel to work through these challenges will likely improve the security outlook in the near term.

Above all else, think through the choices being considered to assure your safety.

Chancellor Sean O’Keefe


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