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1. I was awake from approximately 1.30 am to approximately 5.00 am, for no apparent reason. And when the sun rose, and when the construction guys commenced jackhammering outside my bedroom window, I was awake again. And none too happy about it, I might add.

2. I got July’s electric bill today. June’s electric bill was not terribly shocking, though it was five dollars shy of the highest bill I’ve had since moving into the condo. July’s bill is nearly TRIPLE June’s. It’s enough higher that I’m considering calling somebody out to make sure no one’s siphoning off my meter.

3. I lay down to take a brief nap after lunch, and had to drag myself up after only half an hour of dozing, in order to go to a meeting. ‘Nuff said.

4. I’m now heading to the dentist, where he can take a look in my mouth and come up with a figure with an annoying number of digits, representing the amount he’s going to charge me to repair the crown I cracked on Friday. Which crown I cracked while eating sushi. And I will pay said figure, which will represent a sizeable chunk of my already dwindling savings (see #2 above), at the end of which investment I will not have a vacation in the Bahamas, or a new piece of electronics, but will merely once again have a working fucking crown, just like I did before this one decided to make for the territories, one small chunk at a time.

5. Oh yeah: t-minus 36 hours until R.’s departure. That, too.



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