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Web 2.0 in the Classroom

Three excellent presentations in this session, below the fold.

Alex Juhasz, Learning from YouTube

— in large part about the failures of YouTube as a learning environment
— negatives in going public: mainstream media’s reflections of course
— difficulty of controlling their own images both in mainstream media’s retelling and in YouTube’s corporate ownership
— vocabulary of YouTube is all about popularity (hits) — sense that of course you want lots of people to see your work; students quickly came to understand that attention itself wasn’t the desired outcome
— really interesting outcomes among students: thinking through differences between learning and entertainment, academic standards, workings of digital communication

Geoffrey Proehl, “Wiki for a Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

— web resources for dramaturgy; virtual workspace for collaborations amongst theater artists
— initial need: ability to co-edit texts in preparation for productions
— how a wiki got used

Jason Brown, “Outsourcing the Provision of Blogs and Wikis”

— revised title: Outsourcing Disruptive Alien Threat?
— excellent presentation by jason about the decision to outsource hosting for faculty LAMP uses
— in fact, outsourcing is already happening (email, spam services); need to think rationally about the choices we’re making, but it’s already underway


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