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Weekend Update

Things that have been accomplished:

— Writing the first draft of a position planning document.
— Catching up on reading and commenting on a backlog of student writing.
— Re-reading the volume of poems for one of tomorrow’s classes.
— Washing, drying, and folding nearly a month’s worth of laundry.
— Responding to a big pile of email, and initiating another big pile.
— Beginning the review of the copyedited manuscript of my soon-to-be book.
— Making a big pot of something I can bear to eat multiple times over the course of the rest of the week.

Things that have not yet been accomplished:

— Re-reading the essays assigned for tomorrow’s other class.
— Re-reading the essays assigned for Tuesday’s class.
— Reading anything at all assigned for Wednesday’s classes.
— Finishing the review of the copyedited mansuscript.
— Writing the lecture I’m giving at the end of the month.
— Writing the big strategic planning proposal I’ve been asked for.
— Revising and submitting the position planning document.
— Drafting the next stage of the curriculum revision document.
— Copyediting material for my volunteer gig.
— Grocery shopping.
— Exercising.
— Breathing calmly and evenly like a person convinced she’s got enough hours in the day to accomplish all she needs.


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