What Exactly Is the Deal with Technorati?

This time last week, something on the order of 72 blogs apparently linked here; today, it’s 58. (I’ve also dropped from a nice, solid rank of 36,000ish to well into the 45,000 territory.) Does Technorati know something I don’t know? Am I losing my appeal? Or has their database/algorithm/little magic box with hamsters inside gone wonky? Or is the only problem here that I pay any attention to such things?

[UPDATE, like 30 seconds later: Wait — now it’s 57 blogs, leading to a rank in the 46,000s. Am I gradually disappearing, like in one of those time-travel movies where some paradox has just negated my existence entirely?]

8 responses to “What Exactly Is the Deal with Technorati?”

  1. Hmm…that’s pretty mysterious.

    However, sitting from a nice, solid rank of 1,574,717ish, I don’t think I’m in a position to offer advice. Except that please, like you could NOT pay attention to that stuff!

  2. they were likely just culling the splogs.

  3. Heh. By adding you to my blogroll, I have apparently single-keyboardedly raised to you 1,093,479. Just wait until the new post gets crawled. Soon, your traffic will increase and you’ll wind up obsessively stats-watching like… some other people I know.


  4. “You,” meaning, of course, Liz.

  5. Sweet…we’ll be out of the millions in no time!

    And yeah, I’m totally already there with the obsessive stats-watching. I first saw the new post through a referral statistic on sitemeter. đŸ™‚

  6. My guess? If they wanted to make a smart algorithm, they might have set a time limit that expired links when a blog hadn’t been updated in, say, a month or year or something.

  7. Actually, since the time of this post, I discovered that technorati’s FAQ covers this issue: they only consider links “created” in the last 180 days. Depending on your blogging system, however, links such as those in blogrolls might get “created” each time you post. Or might not. But in any case, I apparently had 15 blogs that (1) had not been updated or (2) had not linked to me in 180 days. (Or, as Jeremy notes, some could have been splogs. But I thought 15 seemed high for it just to have been that.)

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