What Happened to September?

Aren’t we supposed to ease into the semester?

Or, if the semester begins in complete insanity, aren’t we supposed to reach a point at which it levels off?

How can one begin with madness, and then proceed to grow even more insane?

(Yes, no content here. Sorry. I hope to have the time and space to put a thought together tomorrow, though I promise nothing for its coherence.)


  1. O yes there is content here.

    September and the experience of its swift passage (it is after all a day shorter than August and July who each have 31 days plus in the Northern Hemisphere daylight hours grow fewer after the autumnal equinox) have reminded me of the poet of mutability Edmund Spenser and the Spheherdes Calender. A nice edition exists online and is available from Richard Bear’s Renascence site.


    Where the tale is told of the wise and Argus-eyed sheppard Roffy who defeats a preying wolf that dons sheeps clothing.

    October has more days. Spenser devotes that eclogue to characterizing the “diuine instinct and vnnatural rage” of poetry. More madness yet to come!

  2. Francois, you always manage to make me feel better, and smarter. Thanks for the Spenser link; I can now feel appropriately literary about my mid-fall madness!

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