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Traveling weekend number four of four begins with the red-eye Wednesday night. This leaves me — or left me, in any case — approximately 72 hours between getting home from Chicago and heading off again. In the interim, I need to:

Teach five classes.
Finish grading a batch of papers.
Conduct a set of Ph.D. orals.
Attend a department meeting.
Conduct a committee meeting.
Read a box of files for a search.
Meet with a program administrator.
Co-conduct a faculty division meeting.
Hold office hours.
Meet with two thesis students.
Meet with one independent study student.
Finish reading the work done by thesis and independent study students.
— Write three two one letters of recommendation.
Go to a doctor’s appointment.
Participate in a search meeting.
Finish reading the first chunk of *Robinson Crusoe*.
— Draft a proposal for a campus task force.
Do laundry.
Make my house look less like a tornado hit it.

Thirty-six hours to go. No sweat.

[UPDATED, 2.32 pm. Still plugging along.]

[UPDATED, 5.48 pm. Whew.]

[UPDATED, 10.30 pm. Whew again. I’m going home to watch some Lost.]

[UPDATED, 10.12.05, 11.58 am. Ten hours remaining.]

[UPDATED, 10.12.05, 4.08 pm. Off to the search meeting. The proposal is not going to get drafted; I’ll have to do it sometime this weekend. And the deadline on that last letter of recommendation has been somewhat infinitely extended, so it doesn’t actually have to happen today. So it won’t. The rest, though…]

[UPDATED, 10.12.05, 7.45 pm. Search meeting was THREE BLOODY HOURS LONG. I have two hours left to get house and cats in order, clothes washed and packed, and self ready to go…]

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