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What's With the Blimps?

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So [BT]( yesterday mentioned a weird blimp-congregation in the skies over Manhattan, and perhaps it’s only that reading this that sensitized me to the appearance of blimps. In any case, yesterday, I drove down to Laguna Beach for lunch, and on my way into the OC, spotted a blimp circling above something or other. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, but several hours later, as I was preparing to leave, the blimp appeared again. Or I think it appeared again; it could well have been another blimp entirely. This one, in any event, was wackily psychedelic. My little camera, alas, was no match for the intensity of the sun and the distance of the blimp, but if you look at the big version on flickr, you’ll get a sense of what we saw.

So what’s the deal with the blimps? Was this some kind of ingenious distract-them-from-above campaign, encouraging us to ignore what was going on below? And what was going on below, anyway?


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