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Where Am I?

Why, roughly 34.095, -117.719.[1] Of course.

I’ve gotten a new toy in the last few days, and I’m just the teeniest bit obsessed with it: the Garmin Forerunner 201, a “wrist-mounted GPS personal training device.” It’s got some nifty stopwatch and lap timing functions (way more extensive than any digital watch I’ve ever had), but its key feature is that it uses GPS readings to tell you how far you’ve gone, and how fast you’re going. And it’ll store up to two years of training data. Two years! It’ll let you set various interval timers, it’ll let you compete against a virtual training partner, it’ll let you set distance, time, and pace goals, it’ll track weekly and monthly mileage, and it’ll let you download the whole shebang to your computer.

Your Windows computer.

Now I’m on the hunt for an OS X hack for this function. Surely some equally obsessive but code-literate Mac bigot has already thought of this…?

  1. A slightly incorrect and insufficiently precise value, to prevent random folks from knocking on my door. I could be perfectly correct and precise, but I won’t. Thanks. ↩︎


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