Where Is Everybody?

Since my migration from ExpressionEngine to WordPress, my site traffic has fallen off by something between 60 and 75 percent. I want to attribute this to the change in my feed address, but if I’m being honest, I should also note that the distinct downturn coincided with my beginning to post on a relatively regular basis again. So perhaps I’ve driven my own audience away.

But if I’m going to attempt some kind of self-charity in this, and assume that there’s a technological reason for the downturn (rather than that I just suck), I’m not sure what to do about it. Perhaps I can persuade WordPress to publish a second feed at one of the old feed addresses, just to let folks know I’m still here?

Or perhaps I just shouldn’t worry about it at all, and adopt a more “if you write it, they will come” attitude. As though I’ve been given a chance to start over almost entirely, but with the benefit of experience this time.


  1. The feed switch threw me off, and it wasn’t until I noticed you hadn’t (or seem to not have) posted in a while that I checked manually. The extent to which I’ve become feed-dependent is truly, truly frightening.

  2. That’s exactly what I was afraid of. Quite honestly, I’m the same; if nothing comes through on the feed reader for some time, I just think hiatus, so if the feed has moved, I might not know for a long time. Thanks for checking in, SEK!

  3. I’ve done a similar switch, and I think I’m also having trouble regaining my audience. I’ve been trying to link and comment on other blogs a little more frequently just to make people aware of the move. That being said, with everyone reading on feeds, it’s difficult to know who is reading at this point.

  4. Chuck, I’m glad you mentioned that here. I remember you saying you were migrating a few weeks back, but never saw the announcement of the new address.

  5. Likewise, my feeder had that little x next to you for a while, so I manually had to take a look. I’m glad you are back to blogging again though.

    Like the new site and look: nice two right columns, though I am not so sure about that fully justified text.

    I’ve been thinking about moving to WordPress myself. I’ve been on Typepad a few months now and it seems featured for “bit blogging” (frequent tidbity, linky posts) rather than essay type posts.

  6. Thanks for looking in, Randy. I’m fond of the two right columns, too, which is in large part what sold me on this new template. I’m of mixed minds about the fully-justified text; on the one hand, it’s artificial and weird, but on the other hand, and can be really funky if I write something with a URL or a very long word. On the other hand, there’s something clean and polished about it. Perhaps it’s the rearing up of an old repressed print bias: “published” material comes in fully-justified packages.

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