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Thanks to all of you who commented and emailed yesterday and this morning; sympathetic noises were much desired, and much appreciated. Yesterday’s post arose, obviously, out of a well of frustration, both with the core situation and with my painful inability to Let It Go. My hope was that blogging the frustration, even without any of the content, would provide a little bit of a release. And it has.

My goal for this week–aside from preparing and delivering the lecture I’m delivering to the faculty on Wednesday–is to really focus in on the letting-go process. To find a productive way to chill out. To seek a middle ground between being ineffective and making myself crazy. And to remember why it is I really do love this job, when I can keep my head clear.

First, however, a lecture to prepare! (And awesome butt-kicking boots to wear, which I promise I won’t use on anyone.) In fact, the lecture, entitled “Scholarly Publishing in the Age of the Internet,” is precisely the thing I need, to remind me of what it is I’m doing here, and why.

In any case, end whine. Thanks for listening.


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