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Why I Am Too Dumb to Lead the Network Revolution

So, I noted some time back that I’d built a website for my book, including excerpts from the text (the introduction and first chapter, the opening section of every subsequent chapter, and the bibliography and index) and the ability to comment on them. I mentioned this to one of the guys here in NYC yesterday, saying that traffic had been pretty modest and that I’d only gotten one comment so far. He asked me how I’d publicized the launching of the site.

I said that I’d written about it on my blog.

He suggested, perhaps, you know, posting information about it to a listserv? Such as, isn’t there a Pynchon listserv?

Posted to both pynchon-l and wallace-l a couple of hours ago. As of this very minute, here’s what my statcounter looks like:

very flat stats with a sudden spike

Oh. Yeah.


No mentions yet.