Why I Haven’t Posted About the Roberts Nomination

Because, for the moment, I’m tired of getting my stupid little heart broken every time the Democrats roll over and play dead. I tell myself that I’m trying to conserve my energies for battles that we have some prayer of winning, but honestly, I’m just feeling demoralized and exhausted. Defeated. Perhaps if someone could give me a reasonable explanation for why, on the one hand, a president gets impeached for lying about the fact that he got a blowjob in his office, while, on the other, a senior political advisor who breaks a federal law by revealing the identity of an undercover CIA agent to the press (even if he didn’t use her name) manages to escape repercussions, maybe then I’d feel better about the whole thing. Until then, I’ve decided that this administration is not so much teflon- as Vaseline-coated, and that they’re going to continue slipping through our fingers at every turn, only leaving us feeling greasy in the process.


  1. I don’t know why I just wrote ‘Ironically’. There’s clearly no irony in that comment (although I guess there is some in the shirt itself). I think I meant to say ‘incidentally’ and my brain had a spasm after the ‘I’.

  2. I’ve been having a similar response to the Roberts nomination. The Washington Post has an article that clarifies Roberts’ clear record of opposing women’s rights and supporting some our worst behaviors in the Iraq War. But I feel pretty powerless about doing anything about it…

    The conspiracy watcher in me is starting wonder if Roberts isn’t a sacrifcial lamb for Rove, but that’s probably a stretch.

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