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Why I Want Google Wave NOW, Please

Because I had a rather amazing exchange about the future of open access publishing via Twitter last night with Brett Bobley (@brettbobley), Dan Cohen (@dancohen), and Steve Ramsay (@sramsay), and unless you were following all three of us, you probably missed it. And I’d love to repost it here, but that would mean a lot of manual cutting and pasting, attempting to rebuild the thread out of last night’s stream. From what I can tell, Google Wave will cluster that stream for me, and allow me to embed it here directly, where, should you choose to join in the conversation, it’ll self-update.

I want all the many conversations that I have, at various levels and on various platforms, to become visible to me as conversations, and to be repurposable as various kinds of publications. And I hope I’m not being over-optimistic in anticipating that Google Wave will make a good bit of that possible.


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