Why?  So He Can Begin Planning the Invasions?

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON, March 16 — The White House continued its attack today over Senator John Kerry’s recent claim to have international support for his presidential campaign.

In a short session with reporters in the Oval Office, President Bush challenged Mr. Kerry to identify whom he is talking about when he asserts that some foreign leaders privately support him over the president.

Worry not: I have right here in my hand a list of 57 known foreign supporters of Senator Kerry.

One thought on “Why?  So He Can Begin Planning the Invasions?

  1. Okay, so originally I went with a variant on the old McCarthyite naming-names joke.

    But I find my sense of humor pulled in another direction now:

    KERRY: Mr. President, I’d name them, but I’m not sure you know who they are.

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