World on Fire

I’m a little more than a month behind the zeitgeist, apparently, but I just got a link to Sarah McLachlan’s World on Fire video, and want to point any of you who haven’t seen it yet toward it. McLachlan redirected the $150,000 that would ordinarily have gone toward producing the video to various international charities; the actual video cost $15 to produce (the cost of one blank DV tape).

This story says, I think, both good and bad things about contemporary media culture: bad, in that spending the $150,000 on a video would have been nothing out of the ordinary for our consumption-oriented culture; but good, in that digital technologies are making it possible for alternate cultural priorities to be brought to our attention.

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  1. Okay … this comment has nothing to do with Sarah McLachlan, really, except for the fact that yeah, she’s cool, and yeah, you’re a little behind on that plug, but hey … it’s good that you saw it and the more, the merrier, eh!

    What I was going to say was that I know I must be a little too obsessed with Natalie Merchant when I saw the name of your site and was like, “Wow, that must be a Natalie/10KM site I hadn’t heard about!” and immediately clicked over here expecting to be doused with Natalie goodness.

    Well, I’m not doused with Natalie goodness, but your site is still a great discovery, and Natalie would approve. 🙂

    Keep on bloggin’ in the free world!

    — mcbk (currenly on hiatus from her regular blog but in the meantime an Englishman is filling in)

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