Okay, it’s not quite The End of the World, but bloggers all over are waking up to discover that their BlogRolls have been hijacked.

I’ve deleted mine, for the time being; I’ll have to reconstruct over the next few days. A note to those of you once linked to here: I’m going to have to reconstruct from memory, and said memory is notably faulty. If I miss you at first, please don’t take offense. Drop me a line and I’ll rectify, PDQ.

4 responses to “WTF???”

  1. Everything seems to be back to normal now….It looks like they were adding a new server (or moving to a different one). I wonder if that’s what caused the problem. Still, the whole thing freaked me out just a little…

  2. On further investigation, it was a hack, but everything seems normal now.

  3. Whew. Okay. No reconstruction required. That’s better…

  4. Blogrolling has been strange lately. I finally gave up a few weeks ago and made my blogroll manual.

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