Walk me through it, okay? It’s fourth and goal, pushed somewhere back of the 5. So LSU attempts a field goal, and makes it. But there are two flags against the offense (one during the play, and one after), so they get pushed back, what, 25 yards? And “attempt” another field goal, while the color guys are saying, in effect, WTF? But it’s a fake, and so they run it back inside the 5.

So how does that get to be first down, when they’ve only gotten back close to the line of scrimmage?

Oh, oh, oh. It’s an OU first down. No wonder I was confused.

Jeez. What a game.


  1. That was just an effort for field position. Saban did not want to punt. One had already been blocked in the first half, so God aka Saban found other ways to give OK the ball without risking another block. (see Mauck’s bomb into double coverage on 3rd and long near end of first half) This one was almost a touchdown.

  2. Yeah, I knew why he made the choice, but you gotta admit, it was a pretty bizarre play. And yeah, it almost paid off, big-time. But didn’t it seem at all odd to you how completely paranoid the team (and the coaching staff, even more) became about blocked punts, after that one got blocked? I mean, they’d lined up for that one blocked punt with enough space between players to drive a Mack truck through; it was little wonder OU got through the line. The nervousness about the punts that followed didn’t quite seem as warranted to me as the response suggested.

    But then, what do I know? Nobody’s paying me $2,200,001 a year.

  3. Oh, no, sure. I realize now that it was kind of dumb to try to explain that. Then again, after watching the game again (not that I spent my evening watching the game tape…heck no…) Oklahoma came VERY close to blocking one or two other punts late in the game, after the punt team had adjusted. And yes, hindsight is 20/20. Whatever. Read Wayne Drehs’ article at for the best assessment (sp?) of this team that I’ve seen all season.

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