You Decide

She’s at it again. I’ve just gotten an email message from asking me to confirm my new account with them. I didn’t sign up for any such account. And it’s the same bloody email address this kid has been using, over and over again.

Do I:

  1. Write to the abuse folks at and ask them to do something about this?
  2. Confirm the account, log in, and:

    1. Attempt to figure out who she is, in order to get her to cease and desist?
    2. Post all manner of unseemly stuff about her love for Laura Ashley dresses and the Anne of Green Gables novels?
  3. Just delete and ignore?

I think my judgment may be off here, as I’m feeling quite wrath-of-webgod about it. So your advice would be most appreciated.


  1. Eh, I’d just email the tagged folks and let them take care of it. Or do you have her actual email address? Have you tried emailing her with a cease-and-desist? I gotta say, this is SO WEIRD. I mean, it’s not like email addresses are hard to come by.

  2. That is not a disjunctive conjunction in 2b, correct? It’s both the dresses and novels mentioned together that creates the unseemingliness, n’est-ce pas, not one or the other?

    If going by the reasoning set forth before (see quotatin below) and that reasoning still holds, I am willing to wager that the blogger of planned obsolescence chose option 3.


    I feel somewhat bad for having done this. Probably I should just have deleted my email address, and not killed the account altogether. But I’m beginning to think that her continuing email confusion is on some level intentional. Who gets their own email address wrong, repeatedly, over such a protracted period of time?

    Part of me, too, keeps having these moments of regret about foiling my own opportunities for watching this girl’s story unfold, for being, in a deeply voyeuristic way, well beyond that of the regular reader of any online diary, somehow party to the tale.

    And then I think of the spam that this kid could no doubt generate for me, not to mention the general obnoxiousness of lurking in her various accounts, and figure that we’re all better off this way.

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