A Couple of Updates

A quick update on that music meme there: I’ve discovered another excellent way to keep up with the hip kids and their music — serve as thesis advisor for the radio station’s music director. I got some great recommendations from him that I’ll be checking out over the weekend, and will post more about here soon after.

Also, on Dennis Lehane: I ended up not reading Mystic River on my flight after all, because I couldn’t find my copy of it. I thought I’d brought it to DC. In fact, I thought I had a copy of it at all. I’m completely baffled — if I had it, it’s totally walked off. The good news is that I found a copy of the elusive Gone, Baby, Gone in the Houston airport. So once I finish the Elmore Leonard I’m reading, I’m on to that one.

And, on being home: Good lord, but I love this condo. That is all.

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Updates

  1. On the travelers´ bookshelf at a hostel we were at recently, there was a Dennis Lehane book, and my heart leapt in my chest, esp. as I´d just finished the Coetzee book I was dumping there.

    Turns out it was in Czech. If had been in some western European language, I might have grabbed it anyway and struggled through, but Czech, no dice. Or should I say “Ne”?

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