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[UPDATE, 6.14.05, 8.28 am: edit to correct stupid day/date mistake.]

This week, the 51st Robert Flaherty Film Seminar is being held here in town, and so I’m embroiled in what feels a bit like boot camp, a dawn to well-after-dusk schedule of screenings, discussions, and social events. The seminar keeps up this pace for seven days, which, given my usual tendency to play hooky from a conference on or about the third day, seems a bit grueling; for better or for worse, though, I’m only at the seminar through Wednesday, as Thursday I zip to Louisiana for my reunion.

Anyhow, I’m not going to blog the seminar in any extensive way, but I am at least going to attempt to keep some kind of record of what I’ve seen.

Saturday, June 11, 8.00 pm

untitled part 3b: (as if) beauty never ends (dir. Jayce Salloum, 2002, 11 min)

Retrato Oficial (dir. Francisca Duran, 2003, 1 min)

Silence (dir. Orly Yadin and Sylvie Bringas, 1998, 11 min)

Death Day in Mexico (dir. Sergei Eisenstein, 1934, 16 min)

okay bye-bye (dir. Rebecca Baron, 1998, 39 min)

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